Peter Ulleri – reunion

Peter Ulleri had a nostalgic evening in 2019 with Xavs chums from the 70’s in one of the South Manchester pubs:

It was a really special evening that is still bringing a smile to my face. When I arrived at the pub I saw a group of strangers in the corner and headed straight to the bar.

Little did I realises it was my old school chums until one of them shouted out my name!

The time went far too quickly with promises made of meeting up some time in spring 2020.

I look back and do consider myself to have had a privileged schooling … but the biggest privilege was being part of a great bunch of school chums.

As you would expect .. some have done very well and others not so good…and it was particularly sad to hear that a few were struggling health wise and that one or two had died.

Peter also kindly sent some more photos which can be seen on the Gallery page.

Another Brother Cyril story

Thanks Peter for this story which anyone who knew Brother Cyril would surely be certain of its authenticity:

Phil Glancy who was both a teacher and old boy was at the reunion. He told a the story of a fellow teacher going in to see Brother Cyril for a pay rise having been a teacher for a couple years and proving himself more than capable. Having politely asked there was silence …  Brother Cyril was looking down at his hands which were in prayer mode … his fingers tapping together. A request turned into a plea .. “whatever you can afford”  was again followed by silence.

The plea became “I appreciate you are busy “ followed by a hasty retreat. The downhearted teacher told Phil he retreated as he felt that if the meeting had gone on any longer he would have had to take a pay cut!

9 thoughts on “Peter Ulleri – reunion”

  1. We are having another reunion this Friday in the Fletcher Moss pub in Didsbury at around 7.00 pm.
    Paul Hughes … why not come along!
    Peter U

    • Hi Peter,
      Remember me from the Prep? Sorry to have missed the reunion last Friday. Do drop us a line – it would be great to catch up. John Vernon

  2. John
    I remember you …we used to walk from St Annes down to your dad’s shop near Withington baths.
    Nick Hurst used to walk part of the way too.
    Happy days.
    I would be absolutely delighted to catch up.

  3. Another great reunion; the only downside was that the time passed so quickly.
    Before the actual reunion a selected few (ie those that wanted a gander) met up at Xaverian and were shown around by the Principal Mr Lomas (old habits die hard!).
    He gave us over an hour of his valuable time and took us around what is now best described as a campus.
    Some significant additions and alterations but still recognisable as “our” Xaverian.
    From around 700 pupils the site now serves over 3,000!
    Mr Lomas himself is an old boy and shared several “interesting” tales.

  4. Hi Peter,

    Phil Glancy was my Economics teacher from 1990-1992. Loved his class and he had a great influence on my future career.
    Asking on the off chance if you have his contact info? Always wanted to drop him a note and say thank you.


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