St Anne’s Preparatory School

St Anne’s Prep was the junior feeder school for Xaverian College Manchester. It was privately funded – I seem to remember the fees being £50 a term but this is only a distant memory. Although some of the boys were from well heeled backgrounds, many were from the children of working class families who somehow … Read more

John White writes…

Memories of some of the teaching staff are sometimes on point and sometimes blurred. Mr “Jack” Gleason was a good Geordie lad who managed to strike a very good rapport with a good many of my class mates. A bit of a laugh was normally always present about the weekend football clubs – of course … Read more

David Challinger

Chuck Sellars – David Challinger remembers… I remember Chuck SELLERS, and am grateful for the passion for music he instilled in me, although he did once call me a Philistine! I took part in all productions from Iolanthe (1961) up to The Happy Prince (1966). You mention The Magic Flute, which was favorably reviewed in … Read more

Phillip Glennon

Phillip Glennon remembered Message from Hannah Hodgson regarding her father, Phillip Glennon. If anyone remembers him, please email me at the above address. My Dad, Philip Glennon, and his brother Peter both attended Xaverian, early to mid 50s rather than the 60s. My Dad was extremely proud of his time there, where by all accounts … Read more

Peter Ulleri – reunion

Peter Ulleri had a nostalgic evening in 2019 with Xavs chums from the 70’s in one of the South Manchester pubs: It was a really special evening that is still bringing a smile to my face. When I arrived at the pub I saw a group of strangers in the corner and headed straight to … Read more

John Heffernan

John Heffernan reminisces 29th July 2020 I was at Xavs from 1956 to 1962. I had been at St Annes Prep before that. I remember my interview for St Annes in about 1952 in the dark religious surroundings of Bro ??? office. (Bernard ??) I had Miss Eaton for music and her father for maths … Read more