St Anne’s Preparatory School

St Anne’s Prep was the junior feeder school for Xaverian College Manchester. It was privately funded – I seem to remember the fees being £50 a term but this is only a distant memory. Although some of the boys were from well heeled backgrounds, many were from the children of working class families who somehow managed to scrape the fees together.

During my time there the headmaster was Brother Cyril Birtles who left in 1962 to take over headmastership at the main college and replaced by the popular Mr Quayle.

St Anne’s Preparatory School, Wilbraham Road – the tall building opposite the lamp post

St. Anne’s Preparatory School

From the age of five I attended St Clare's Catholic Primary School in Blackley. At that time the church was ...
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School Days

St Anne's Prep was on Wilbraham Road, Fallowfield. A large grey house behind tall wrought iron gates set in a ...
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St Annes Prep School – location

The school was located on Wilbraham Road at the Wilmslow Road end. It was a large Victorian villa in its ...
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Brother Cyril – what did I do wrong?

I have genuine confusion regarding my thoughts on Brother Cyril Birtles who died in April 2014 aged 88. I will try and ...
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Brother Cyril – saw me coming!

I remember at the Prep School Brother Cyril set us a maths homework and told us that he was going ...
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St Anne’s Prep – Photos

My thanks to Dale Littler for sending me the following class photos. These were taken on a yearly basis - ...
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Right or Wrong?

I had attended a catholic primary school before escaping to the relative tranquillity of St Anne's Prep. The catechism lessons ...
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Julian Bowyer – St Annes’ Old Boy

Julian Bowyer writes from Australia Hi Bob, I have been surfing the NET and come across my old school! I ...
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