Xaverian College Manchester 1961

Were you attending Xaverian in 1961?

If you were, you should be on one of these sections of the school photograph. I would like to discover how many of us are still going, and maybe what happened to you over the past 61 years. Just drop me an email on bcweb01@gmail.com, letting me know what section you are on, the row and number you are situated left to right and I will try and get a good size image of you out and any comments you may have.

Click Here to see who’s identified so far!

Click the image to see the full size photo, thanks to James Kedian who managed to acquire this photograph from the present principal, Tony Knowles who also went to Xaverian in the sixties.

School Photo 1961 (1)

School Photo 1961 (2)
School photograph 1961 (3)
School photograph (4)
School photograph (5)
School photograph 1961

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