Teachers – Xaverian College In The Sixties

Bernard Lackey

Mr Lackey taught me geography at Xaverian and it was no small feat to actually get me a GCE 'o' ...

Bro Cyril played Boogie Woogie

Now this might sound a bit odd at first glance but I can assure you it's true - another side ...

Mr Charles (Chuck) Sellars

Mr Charles Sellars was our music teacher. For some reason he didn't like me. This sometimes happens and I don't ...

Mr Archdeacon in typical pose

Probably the most painful experience I can remember from all my time at Xaverian is the one relating to Mr ...

Peter Burrows

Pete Burrows took me for physics and maths in Lower Five Three. He was a great guy, an all round ...

Mr Newton P.E. Teacher

Mr Newton took us for Physical Education. I suppose he was in his mid forties although I have often been ...

Mr Crotty

Mr Crotty took me for Geography at Ward Hall, my first year at Xaverian. His teaching technique was, shall we ...

Mr Connolly gets his revenge part I

Because I was having  doubts about many of the beliefs of the catholic church, I thought seriously about questions I ...

Mr Connolly

Mr Connolly was a big man, tall, somewhat stout and wore glasses. I think he may have taken English but ...

Brother Cyril – saw me coming!

I remember at the Prep School Brother Cyril set us a maths homework and told us that he was going ...

9 thoughts on “Teachers – Xaverian College In The Sixties”

  1. Why is there no mention of or a photo of teacher Gerry Dewhurst Bob? He and Bernard Lackey “created” the boxing team of Paul Neary, Phil Crewdson, Brian Morgan, Freddie Morrow and me when all of us were Lancashire Champions in 1962. Gerry and Bernard were like the proverbial dog with 2 wotsits at Stretford Town Hall that night!!

    • Only just put the page there yesterday John, Still adding new teachers as I identify them. I always remember Gerry wearing a trilby and wishing we still had him for English rather than Archie!!

      • Gerry was a really good bloke – plus his daughters were beautiful as well . . . . ahem,.. (As I vaguely recall across the divide of these many years . . .)

  2. Yes, Gerry was a good bloke. He always saw the good in people. I fell off a garage roof in the summer holiday prior to going into Lower 4.1 and badly injured my arm and shoulder. I was strapped up for months. The start of my worst year at Xavs. I was in Gerry’s class and wasn’t doing very well but he always had a kindly word and was always encouraging.

  3. Good to know that you are still around, even older than me. I was at Xavs from 62 to 67, If I remember rightly.
    I remember the teachers above plus: Pop Eaton, maths, Pug Diamond, Latin, Johnny Walker, French. Bro David, Chimpy,
    Horsefield, German, Deaver, History, Price, History, Yogi Baron, economics, Bro Finbar French, Bro Pius, Latin.
    Most of them had their own ways of beating us. I was caned a lot by both Cid and Bro David. The latter seemed to like it too much. I have recently been in touch with former head boy Roger Darlington, who has just published his memoir ’74 not out.’I did not like him as an authority figure back then. I met him for lunch. He seems a decent bloke. I was in the boxing club but only in house matches. I remember various funny and scandalous events, especially Finbar running off with a young French girl in Paris. I lived and worked on London, Asia, The US and other places before retiring in Costa Rica. I still visit the UK for 3 months every year and we have a home near Milton Keynes.

    • Bro Finbar running off with a young French girl??? Are you absolutely sure? It always seemed to be young boys that excited his interest to us but I am always prepared to be convinced!!!

      One thing is for certain, he was ‘disposed’ by the order not long after the Paris trip. If anyone has more information on this story please get in touch…

      • He was interested in the boys in class, tickling the thighs of those he liked. Fortunately, I was an ugly child. The Paris trip was interesting. We went on couchettes, from the ferry. Late at night the swot in our compartment lent out of the window and bought a bottle of rough white wine from a vendor. He rather greedily drank most of it himself and was very sick. I omit his name as he might still be alive.
        We stayed in a convent where the girls were on summer vacation. There was a Bridgette Bardot look a like waiting on tables in the refectory. We were all swooning over her. Finbar was very chatty with her speaking French. On the day of departure he was no where to be found. Price and Johnny Walker brought us home. Our parents confiscated the flick knives we had bought. It transpired that Finbar ran off with Marie Claude and was never seen again. Re his interest in boys.- Prisoners, public school boys, celibate clergy and the military often exhibit such tendencies when there is nothing else available.
        Much of the rest of the Paris trip was spent visiting churches, often containing dead nuns in glass cases. Fortunately later in life, I made up for this lack of imagination many times.


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