Xaverian College School Orchestra

Xaverian College – School Orchestra 1959


If anyone was a member of the orchestra or knew any of them and would like to share their memories, please email me at the above address

1st Violins: W. Usher, D. Howell, D Denholm, M. Brown, M. Livesey, M Duncan, O, Sleightholme

2nd Violins: J. Woodcock, F. Lennon, P. Lawrence, T. Rawlins, P. Hopkins, J. Blodwell, M. Allen, P. Banks, J. Weaver

Violas: J. Telford,  S. Desmond, P. Banks, A. Constantine, M. Dell

Cellos: Mr Halstead, J Bayley, V, Thorp, A Clinton, M. Butler

Basses: Mr McEvoy, Mr Unsworth

Flutes: A Booth, I. Kelly, P. Geoghegan

Oboes: M. Hill, D Tipple

Clarinets: R Wright, C. Davis, P. Godfrey, R. Postlewaite, P. Broomhead

Bassoons: P. Larkin, P. Redman

Horns: P. McBride, J. Euston

Trumpets: J. Edwards, K. McKeown

Euphonium: H. Woodcock

Percussion:  C. Ryder

These would all have been in the sixties period. If you can add to the list, email me at


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