Julian Bowyer – St Annes’ Old Boy

Julian Bowyer writes from Australia

Hi Bob, I have been surfing the NET and come across my old school! I was at St Annes from 1959 through to 1963, when I went over to Ward Hall until 1965 when my parents moved South.

I am fascinated by the articles and photos on the Website. There is one photo in which I am in and am sitting directly on Terry Quayles right side.I think this was taken in 1960 or 61. You must be a little older than me (I was born in 1952) and maybe you were in the higher classes at that time. I remember the older boys always had Bro Cyril playing football with them in the front playground where the entrance gate was. By the time I got to the the last year Bro Cyril I think had moved on to Xaverian. 

I remember Bro Benedict ( he was a bit nasty to others but not me for some reason!), Mr McManus, Timlin and I recall we had a couple of American Brothers – Ignatius and Cahill coming in from the big school on occasions. My mates were John Lees, Mark Parish, Paul Delahunty and I remember Kenneth MacDonald who became the actor. I was also friendly with a boy named Genaro Saulino who was taken from class one day, and was never seen or heard of again!!

Were you there the day Yuri Gargarin was driven past in an open topped Rolls Royce? All the boys lined up against the Wilbraham Rd fence.

St Anne’s Preparatory School, Wilbraham Road – the tall building opposite the lamp post

I broke my leg (in the classroom) in Jan 1963 following an altercation with a much bigger boy named McKoewn. My 11 Plus exam was deferred for a few weeks because of it.

I knew that the school had become a housing estate as I drove past it some 20 years ago whilst on a holiday trip.

Do you know if Terry Quayle is still alive? I recall he was a good man. I lived on Wilmslow Rd Cheadle and Terry lived nearby in Heald Green. 

Bro Cyril was at the “big school” when I went in 1963. There was a boy,whom I was friendly with, John Everton who also started at Ward Hall in 63 and he was related to Bro Cyril. His Father was a butcher and the shop was in Wilmslow Rd Cheadle. I have a feeling he lived above the shop(or close by) but it was put to me it may not be appropriate for me to be with John at the house if Bro Cyril was visiting!! Quaint stuff!

Thinking back, I remember My Father asking Terry Quayle his age. Occasionally we gave Terry a lift home. Terry answered 31 and this would have been, say, 1962 ? I often wonder where life took Terry. He was so good to me after I broke my leg.

Unfortunately, I have no school memorabilia as I guess once I left England in 74 my late parents would have dispensed with any school stuff of mine. But, certainly the articles you have published from other boys have brought back some good memories!

In the summer of 1964 I went on the school trip through Belgium, Holland and Germany. I remember having my first beer at Koblenz which I hated! Some of the sixth formers must have cajoled me into trying it! Mr Price was one of the teachers on that trip.

I will continue to follow this Website of yours with interest.

Thanks Julian. Very much doubt that Mr Quayle is still with us – I agree that he was a really nice guy. I remember he came to one of the Xaverian dances with his lovely wife and I think they had a daughter with them. If you have any other memories, please get in touch.

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    • I am the Gennaro Saulino who disappeared one day never to b seen again as my late father took me out of St Anne’s and put me in a private school.The Gennaro Saulino in southern cemetery was my grandfather. Although another Gennaro Saulino who was my cousin 3 years my senior also attended St Anne’s but sadly passed away in 2016 in Spain

      • Gennaro, I have just read your message on the St Anne’s email site. I am delighted to know you are still with us!! You and were friends at the school and you may have come to my house In Barway Rd Chorlton . I recall the day you left St Anne’s! We never saw you again!! Hope life has been kind to you in the intervening years. I have lived in Australia since 1974 and have loved it. Best wishes Julian

  1. Gennaro,
    Apologies … me culpa.
    I am glad you are alive!
    I have fond memories of the Saulino delicatessen opposite Withington library where the taste of Italy could be purchased.
    Was it your grandfather who had to have his leg amputated?

    • Hi Peter the delicatessen was actually my uncle and aunties shop in withington and it was my father that lost a leg while interned in Canada during the war .

      • I have very fond memories of your father.
        Every Christmas he would hand out the presents to the children at the Italian Christmas party


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