Bernard Lackey

Mr Lackey taught me geography at Xaverian and it was no small feat to actually get me a GCE ‘o’ level as a result. He was an intelligent mentor and had the key to success in exams. His particular method was to produce mnemonics for all the facts that we would need to regurgitate to be successful in the exam. Somehow these worked for me and the rest of the class. I would be surprised if anyone in the class failed as I held last position in class (Upper V 3) at that time. He also introduced boxing lessons to the school which I attended on occasions, never enough to develop the necessary skills but I did live a considerable distance from Rusholme, in Blackley.

He once asked me to deliver some tickets to a boxing event at St Clare’s secondary which I did. I trudged along in my school uniform and made my way to the Staff Room encountering some pretty awful language on the way which shocked my delicate sensibilities at that time. It all seemed so different from Xavs. As I had attended the primary school years before, I was even more grateful that my dad had the foresight (and was good enough to make sacrifices to pay) to move me to the prep school, I wouldn’t have thrived at St Clare’s…

At one point he was dating my cousin and this lasted a number of years. I got the impression from other relatives that she had been heart broken to realise that he was perfectly happy remaining a bachelor. In those far off days that seemed almost eccentric.  He was a truly nice bloke and probably the best teacher I had during my time at the school.

Bernard Lackey died  4th June 2018 aged 89.

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  1. Bernard Lackey got me through O level Geography with flying colours. Forty years later I found he was still living at the same address in Didsbury so I phoned him. His instant response was “Phil Blinkhorn, the best O level Geography student I ever had” which was very flattering. My wife and I then met up with him and his wife a number of times and corresponded with him for some years until a last letter of mine received no reply. A great teacher.

    • He was a good teacher. He taught British Government at A level.
      I remember him and you. What did you do after Xavs? I remember you seemed very clever.

  2. When I was at Xaverian I remember that Mr Lackey and his family appeared on an episode of Ask The Family chaired by Robert Robinson.

    • Well remembered, Peter, shame I missed it. The only person I knew who appeared on TV was my cousin, Peter Raymond who was on ‘Youth Wants To Know’ which was basically a team of university students (in this case, Manchester) who raised questions with various politicians. Would no doubt be branded ‘elitist’ in this day and age.

        • He did in fact have an ‘Irish’ in later years but had a full head of hair when he taught me prior to leaving in ‘62. I learnt more in a few spare lessons in geography than the years with Mr Crotty. Great bloke.

  3. I remember bernard lackey well.i attended xavs between the years
    1967/1972.i remember him being the school
    boxing teacher and i boxed for the school and
    manchester throughout those years.the geography
    teacher i had,however,was david fitton.several nanes i recall
    from my year were david brennan, john gregory,rory dolan
    and david mcquade


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